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 This advanced search engine will help you find any specific information in the Archive. The left panel is a list of requests for information and the right panel is a range of choices for searching. Either leave the selection on ?All? or choose from an alphabetical composer list. For all of the categories in the left panel, click on ?Submit? for the results, and on ?Reset? when you are finished.

????????? Number ? If you know the number of the catalogue item from an e-mail, type it into this box.

????????? Composer ? Search on either a full last name or any part of the name. Example: Bellini, or Bell, etc.

????????? Title ? Search on either full or partial names of operas. Example: Lohengrin, or Loh, or grin, etc.

????????? Date ? Search a single year by typing in the year. Example: 1937. For all of the performances from a group of years use the

?????????????????????? following example with brackets. Example: All of the performances from 1936 through 1938 ? 193[6-8]

????????? Artists ? Search on either a full name or part of a name. Example: Caballe, or Cab. Use % sign for umlauts.

????????? Sound ? Search on poor,fair,gd or good,vg,or exc.The better in-house recordings are either vg(IH) or exc(IH). If you want only

????????????????????? ????the best sounding copies, search on vg-exc.

???????? ?Location ? Search on NYC, Colon, RAI, etc.

????????? Length ? Search on all ¼ hour lengths, 0.25-5.0 

For further information on artists not listed in the abbreviated charts, send questions to Dr. Elkins. Click on ?Contact Us? on the Home Page.