Questions and Answers

Q:   Where are the advanced search instructions for your Archive?  A:  The instructions can be found on the Home Page. Click on "Catalogue" to find them just beneath the table with the boxes.

Q:  How can I set up a trade for items in the Archive?  A:  For trading purposes the Archive is interested in performances in vg-exc., exc. sound, including original transcriptions. Send a catalogue to Dr. Elkins via either snail mail or e-mail. Click on "Contact Us" on the Home Page.

Q:  What performances are you seeking?  A:  Preferably historically significant performances from 1930-1970, with some later performances on a limited basis.

Q:  I do not see artists or performances listed on the web site in which I am personally interested in the time frame you mentioned.  A:  Send an e-mail or letter to Dr. Elkins for further information.

Q:  I have nothing which might fit the above criteria, but I would like to obtain performances from the Archive.  A:  Contact Dr. Elkins for other arrangements by letter or e-mail.

Q:  My catalogue is too extensive to send by e-mail  or snail mail easily.  A:  Send a shortened list of specific early performances and sound quality to Dr. Elkins

Q:  I notice there are many performances in less than fine sound.  A:  Our Archive is always on the lookout for upgrades in sound quality, particularly those items ranging from poor to good. If you have the same performances in really excellent sound, please contact Dr. Elkins for a possible trade.

Q:  There are obvious errors or omissions which need to be corrected in the Archive.  A:  We welcome all positive input from collectors with first-hand information. Please contact Dr. Elkins who appreciates your input.

Q:  There are other Links which would be helpful to collectors, especially those with historical Annals.  A:  Please send those Links to Dr. Elkins for inclusion on the web site.

Q:  How does the Archive handle new additions?  I do not want to search the entire catalogue to see what has been added recently.  A:  The last category on the Home Page is called "New" and it holds the last 200 items added to the Archive. New items will be added periodically, and they also appear in the main body of the catalogue under "All". Please check the catalogue periodically to find your favorite singers or operas.

Q:  On your web site the catalogue does not fil the computer screen with all 8 columns of the table. I have to shift back and forth with my horizontal scroll bar.  A:  On your tool bar where you have file, tools, edit, etc. there is a category called "View" Open this category and choose the option "Text Size" to match your particular monitor. Ours works best at the "Smallest" option.