Live opera broadcasts and in-house performances form the Omega Opera Archive. Significant historical operatic performances by important artists are represented in the Omega Collection.

I invite inquiries by collectors, musicologists, and students of opera for sharing in these musical treasures. The Collection is constantly evolving as a work in progress, and it will continually emphasize the preservation of operatic performances from the period 1930-1970 with occasional later performances by certain artists. Many collectors are already forming collections from contemporary productions. Hopefully, any errors in dating or factual information will be corrected by input from other collectors to the private address listed later in the web site.

Gaps, or other data in need of correction, will be addressed in future additions to the Omega Collection which will be updated on a regular basis. 

Duplications were inevitable as updates occurred in the effort to improve sound quality. When making copies, the best sound will be selected for dissemination. For trading purposes, collectors should provide lists with details on sound quality, identification of some major artists, etc. These lists can be sent as e-mail attachments to the private e-mail address listed below. Further information regarding trading, or other arrangements regarding the acquisition of performances from the Omega Archive, should be directed to Dr. Irwin C. Elkins. Please click on Contact Us at the top of this page.